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Dr. Threatt’s expertise in the private, public, and dual housing markets and creating public-private partnerships to develop and preserve affordable housing are essential reasons he is requested as a consultant. He has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of affordable housing programs throughout his career by streamlining operations to their greatest optimization.

Under Dr. Threatt's subject matter expertise (SME) and leadership, the firm provides consulting and coaching for PHAs on how to Attract, Recruit, and Retain landlords in the Section 8 Program. He is known as The Section 8 Landlord Coach™. The firm also provides consulting and coaching for landlords and real estate investors on how to maximize their profit and return on investment (ROI) by participating in the Section 8 Program.

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Public Housing Authorities

1. Attract, Recruit, & Retain Landlords through Monetary Incentives for your Section 8 Program
2. Rebranding & Strategic Planning for your Section 8 Program

Real Estate Investors and Landlords

3. Maximizing Your ROI as a Section 8 Landlord
4. Real Estate Strategies to Grow your Section 8 Portfolio


Awards & Other

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