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Cutting the Red Tape of the Section 8  Program for Two Decades

Elevating Affordable Housing to the Next Level

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Elevate Housing Solutions

Dr. Michael C. Threatt is the principal and CEO of Elevate Housing Solutions, LLC.  Elevate Housing Solutions, LLC is a management firm that provides Section 8 Program consulting services to real estate investors, developers, landlords, nonprofits, property management companies, and public housing authorities (PHAs).

Under Dr. Threatt's subject matter expertise (SME) and leadership, the firm provides consulting and coaching for PHAs on how to Attract, Recruit, and Retain landlords in the Section 8 Program. He is known as The Section 8 Landlord Coach™. The firm also provides consulting and coaching for landlords and real estate investors on how to maximize their profit and return on investment (ROI) by participating in the Section 8 Program.



The Price of Bureaucracy: Removing Section 8 Landlord Pain Points through the Investment in Technology is the Affordable Housing Gamechanger. Each year since 2009, 10,000 landlords have withdrawn from the Section 8 program due to negative experiences and having to deal with the bureaucratic red tape. This has led to over 130,000 landlords withdrawing from the Section 8 Program. Dr. Michael C. Threatt felt compelled that this was a perfect time for a "superhero" moment to solve this problem and address landlord pain points. This book is based on Dr. Threatt's research on landlords' opinions of improving the Section 8 program by streamlining operations through technology to remove the bureaucratic red tape. The book also provides innovative solutions to increase landlord satisfaction, improve communication, and enhance customer service to cultivate better public housing authority-landlord relationships by investing in technology.


My Services


Dr. Threatt is a speaker and performs TED-style talk presentations for real estate associations, real estate investor groups, PHA conferences, affordable housing advocates, real estate developers, elected officials, colleges, and universities.


Dr. Threatt teaches PHAs how to Attract, Recruit, & Retain landlords for their Section 8 Programs. As a landlord himself, he provides real estate investment strategies for Section 8 real estate investors and other landlords.

Roof Talks Podast

The podcast talks about ways to remove landlord pain points and how to cut the red tape in the Section 8 Program to increase landlord participation and change negative perceptions about the program.


The Price of Bureaucracy Book


Real Estate Association:

• Excellent presentation. Lots of energy!
• Very informative.
• Cut the red tape. Great speaker related to a topic that he has a lot of knowledge and compassion about.
• Informative presentation. I would like to learn more about the book release and how I can possibly learn more about the classes discussed.
• Amazing presentation!

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